How was the Swingy Nest born...

Once a baby is born, his or her exciting journey to life begins. We as parents go crazy to offer the best things for our newborns to make their journey even more enjoyable, comfortable and secure. We know that newborns sleep most of the time during their first year. And that good quality sleep is essential for a healthy development. Therefore, offering the gift of sleep is one of the best things we can do to our newborns.

The idea of Swingy Nest came to life when we expected our first son Benediktas. We knew that for 9 months he was used to swaying movements from his mom. That rocking and swaying sensation has programmed into his cells assuring him of being secure and comfortable. We thought of the solution how we as parents could prolong at least a little similar environment for our son after his birth. A place where our baby could stay and sleep safely, cozily and comfortably. Remembering the stories of our grandparents how useful a hanging cradle was for them growing their children we decided to make one for our child. So the first Swingy Nest hanging cradle was born.

Smooth oval encapsulating environment, along with the rhythm of soft swinging, created a perfect nest which helped our son sleep soundly day and night. He had long and unbroken sleeps, untroubled by insecurity or discomfort. We believe that using the hanging bassinet instead of a regular bed, our newborn developed into healthy and 'easy' baby. Having a happy child brought much joy to our family and made our lives much easier!

Our second child Jonas was born recently. We are so happy to welcome him to this world and offer him what once met our expectations. For the second time we are excited to experience so many benefits of the hanging cradle. Different babies and the same method assures us - the hanging bassinet truly is one of the best solutions for the growing child.


Seeing Benediktas and Jonas enjoying their cradle, we want to share this with the other parents. We invite you to try the Swingy Nest hanging cradle and offer your baby a gift of sleep. We are sure you and your baby will be delighted!


The Swingy Nest