Why should my baby sleep in the Swingy Nest hanging cradle and not in a crib?

The day your newborn arrives to the world you do not need a crib, the natural swingy motion in the hanging cradle induces sleep in babies and keeps them asleep longer. The cradle creates a cozy swingy nest, a little and safe place and is the perfect first bed used during day or night sleeps, from the very first day when your baby arrives to this world. Newborn babies are used to sleep in motion: you should have noticed during pregnancy how your baby sleeps while you are moving around and becomes more active when you are sleeping at night.


The difference between a hanging baby cradle and a crib or a bassinet, is the way the baby is supported. Before a baby is born, she or he stays in a small, warm and cozy space in the womb where she or he experiences lots of movement. Once born, sleep in open, static and flat surfaces can be challenging as they are accustomed to a womb-like environment. The Swingy Nest hanging cradle mimics the womb-like environment for newborn sleep: it provides a gentle rhythmic swinging motion that helps babies relax easier, fall into a deep sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Unlike cribs, the cradle is fixed to a single point from the ceiling, which creates a freedom of movement in all directions. With a single gentle push, the cradle will be set into movement, which resembles the feeling of sleeping in the womb. It is a motion sensitive cradle, that rocks and sways in response to baby's subtle movements, so the baby can set the cradle into slight motion herself or himself too. This allows your child to get to know his or her own body, stimulates senses and motor skills from the very first day.


When should babies start using the hanging cradle, how long can they sleep in it and much weight can the cradle support?

The cradle is designed for newborn sleep up to approximately 7 to 9 months, depending on the rate at which your infant grows and develops. As soon as your baby can turn or push up his or her upper body, or sit herself / himself, it is time to move into a cot. The cradle is suited for babies who weigh up to 10 kg. For best results we recommend using the hanging cradle from birth.

Can I use the hanging cradle in the day and night?

Absolutely yes, our hanging cradle is perfect for both day naps and night sleeps. The more a baby uses the hanging cradle, the more likely she or he will learn to self-soothe and go to sleep unaided.

Can the reflux be reduced by sleeping in the cradle?

To prevent acid reflux in infants, pediatricians recommend keeping baby’s head slightly elevated. Without using potentially harmful pillows, reflux can be reduced by simply adjusting the length of the ropes or the straps.

Can I move the cradle easily to other places or hang it outside?

Definitely yes. The cradle can be easily unhooked and relocated elsewhere, especially if you have attached more ceiling hooks in other rooms. It can be easily suspended either from the ceiling inside your home, balcony or outside hanged on a tree in a garden or in your terrace. We even suggest to suspend the cradle outside in a nice weather during the daily naps as we know how soundly babies sleep in the fresh air!

How much does the cradle weigh?

The Swingy Nest cradle with all the parts weighs about 7 kg. It is shipped in a 85 x 56,5 x 11 cm box.

Is the cradle, canopy and mattress cover washable?

Yes, the 100% cotton fabric bag can be easily taken apart for washing at 40°C and ironed using the cotton setting on your iron press. The canopy can be washed at 30°C and ironed using the linen setting on your iron press. Do not put the cradle, canopy or mattress fabrics to dryer. Please read the washing labels in the cradles for these instructions. The 100% cotton mattress cover can be washed at 30°C, at a gentle wash.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we do. The costs for delivery will appear during the ordering process. If, however, the country where you live is not yet in our database please send us an email with your full address and wish list so we can give you a quote for the shipping costs.

Can I adjust the cradle's height?

Yes, very easily. The cradle is suspended by ropes with so called ratchet-eights or by straps with the regulators. By pushing the ratchet-eights or the strap regulators up or down, the ropes / straps are lengthened or shortened until you have found your ideal height. This way you can hang the cradle perfectly horizontal or tilt the cradle a little to limit possible reflux.

How do I fasten the cradle to the ceiling?

The cradle should be hung from a reliable ceiling. A wooden beam or concrete ceiling is very suitable. In wood: after drilling you screw the cradle hook directly into the wood and attach the cradle. In concrete: you first drill the concrete, screw the cradle hook into a plug, which you have placed in a hole in the ceiling, and attach the cradle. Please take your time, carefully attach the cradle to the ceiling and test its ability to hold the weight before using it.

What's the necessary ceiling height (maximum / minimum)?

A high ceiling shouldn't be a problem, as our cradles’ ropes and straps are adjustable but if your room is higher than 2,80 cm, please contact us before buying the cradle so we could sort this out for you putting longer straps / ropes.

What is the cradle's delivery time?

Please refer to Shipping policy.

What is the return policy?

Please refer to Return policy.

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