Your baby or toddler will enjoy it a lot!


This beautiful baby toddler swing can be used for inside and outside your home. Keep it indoors when the weather is unpleasant and once it is nice, bring this swing outside to the terrace or hang it under the tree in your garden.


The swing is made of 100% natural materials: natural wood dowels, 100% organic thick and strong cotton fabric and 100% organic cotton ropes therefore is 100% baby / toddler friendly.

Baby, toddler swing


INCLUDES: ready-to-use swing, 2 pillows and carabiner.


ATTENTION: the included hook is recommendational and suitable for strong concrete ceiling and wooden ceiling. If using for a concrete ceiling it is important to use the added plug. If using for wooden ceiling use the hook alone, without the plug. If your ceiling is of another type, the included hook is not suitable. In this case it is very important to get recommendations from the specialist what is the best way to attach the hook to your home ceiling.


IMPORTANT: after the hook is drilled into the ceiling and the swing is suspended, please check the safety first, pulling the swing very strongly several times before putting your child to make sure everything is suspended firmly and safely.

SUITABLE FOR: The swing is made for babies and toddlers that are strong enough to sit up on their own to toddlers of 3 or 4 years old.

DIMENSIONS: sitting part is about 37 x 37 cm and 37 cm height and is made to hold up to 30 kg. Maximum length of the ropes - 180 cm (should you need longer / shorter straps or ropes - please contact us). 

MATERIALS: 100% organic thick and strong cotton (2 layers to be even stronger), 10 mm diameter 100% organic cotton ropes, steel carabiner and ceiling hook. The thread is extra strong and there is double or at some parts triple stitch for even more resistance.


ASSEMBLY: the swing comes ready to be used right away, you only need to securely suspend it from the ceiling.

SAFETY: Please be sure to test your swing with several strong tugs before you let your baby or toddler sit in it. Use it wisely, never leave your baby or toddler alone or unwatched inside the swing. Please note that we are not responsible for any harm sustained while your child is using this swing. 

Otherwise enjoy the swing and have fun!